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    THE BooRay STORY



"BooRay" was a nickname given to me by my dad, one of my biggest supporters.  My entire family has always supported my dreams.  My family fostered my creative spirit as a kid and continues to help me pursue my many artistic​ ventures.  Currently, they are supporting me as I study Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Product Development.  I hope to one day expand my efforts and spread my unique, environmentally friendly pieces around the world.

BooRay Clo. - short for BooRay Clothing.  This company is all about inspiring people through design and sparking originality.  Clothing can be a powerful tool that helps you express individuality and sets you apart from the crowd.

BooRay strives to have quality clothing for little to no added cost to the environment.  Many large companies are pushing fast, cheap fashion on the world at alarming rates.  I believe we can all help this growing footprint on our environment in many ways.  One of my efforts is through this business, by selling long-lasting, recycled clothing.  The fashion industry is responsible for so much damage to our environment, see the bottom of the page for ways to help your personal footprint.

BooRay's moto is own pace.  This emphasizes how important it is for people to express their individuality.  This is our moto because part of BooRay's mission is to empower people and encourage them to wear things that express their own style, even if it pushes them out of their comfort zone.

               is our logo because it signifies so much.  The basic meaning behind "the eye" is that it opens to allow you to see the world.  What you choose to see and how you perceive things is up to you.  So when looking at BooRay pieces keep an open mind, but let your eyes' judgment decide if it is a piece that speaks to you.

The second meaning behind "the eye" is its resemblance to the "evil eye," a Greek symbol that protects against bad.  It has protected me and I hope to spread that good karma through my clothing.  It is said that, "the Greek evil eye protects its wearer."  You will see many variations of the eye throughout my clothing and social media designs.



Resell old & under appreciated clothing

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Revamp & upcycle your own clothing

youtube is your best resource to learn new skills about revamping clothing

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